stormingtheivory: just sent me a petition to demand that the US name a warship after Harvey Milk and if that isn’t the most succinct example of the way queer advocacy has been coopted by neoliberalism and the military-industrial complex, bless me I don’t know what is.


Kengo Kuma - Water/glass villa, Shizuoka 1995. 

the pubs are going to be open until 6 on thursday night for indy results

hopefully i don’t get bottled or smth

upcoming lecture is about foucault’s definition of state authority and its application in an urban setting I AM LEGIT AN EXPERT ON THIS



'A date with the devil' 

A story behind the selfie pic that Alex got in a text message from his lil bara demon brother. 

*credits to clumzyjr for the story suggestion when I was stuck with this weekly theme. 

a flashback comic of sorts. Did guy really made a Faustian deal with a demon? 

what a sleazy night


Movie Theaters in South India | Stefanie Zoche

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