Denis Medri draws Star Wars as an 80’s high school movie

This is awesome.


"We Need To Talk About Clarice" by Fanny Latour-Lambert

it’s a metaphor


We start our official Nikki Nack tour tonight. To celebrate: OUR CRAZY NEW MUSIC VIDEO! 


parents: “u should be more active”
me: image

My mom would put on John Denver. He had a song that went, “Life is so good / my life is so good these days / life is so good these days / my life is so good.” It made me unbelievably angry as a child. I don’t know, I was like… Excuse me, sir, where is your existential angst? I don’t buy it. You’re full of shit, John Denver. Rest in peace.
Annie Clark [x]  (via ehsisyphus)


Robots don’t even need money. If they don’t have money what is going to happen? They gonna starve to death because they can’t afford food? They don’t even grocery shop. Fuck robots.

 Karel Teige. Collage 190. 1941.

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